B/S Nail Bracing


Nail bracing is a painless and non-surgical treatment for ingrown toenails or excessive curvature (involution) of the nail. In many cases, this condition is caused by an excessive curvature of the nail or a deformed nail plate.

The nail braces used in the clinic are made of small clear fibreglass and when glued to the nail, are very discreet. The tension in the brace pulls up the edges of the nail away from the nail folds reducing pressure and pain in the toe. The brace is generally left in place for 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on how curved the nail is, it can take up to 5 applications for the nail to become straight.

The application of the brace gently encourages the normal growth of the nail and reduces the likelihood that the nail will become ingrown again. The braces correct the deformity in the nail root by flattening the nail, thus reducing the pain caused by the pressure being put on the nail bed. They can also reduce the formation of hard skin, or callus (hard skin), that often forms in the nail groove (the sulcus), which is typical in cases of ingrown nails.

Nail bracing is an excellent treatment option for recurring ingrown toenail issues, involuted nails, or those who do not want to have, or cannot have surgery. It is suitable for adults, diabetics and children, pain free and no local anaesthetic or time off work is required. You can go about your daily activities and even wear nail polish over it. Please contact the clinic for further information.

Big Toe Nail Before Bracing

Involuted/Ingrown Nails

These type of involuted nails can be very painful and get worse as you get older. This nail is before bracing and has no brace applied.

Same Big Toe Nail After 3 Braces

Big Toe Nail With Brace Applied

The big toe nail has flattened out after 3 brace applications. This is the nail with the 4th nail brace applied. They can take from 3 to 4 months. The toenails grow very slowly and the root of the nail changes shape as the nail grows with upwards pull.

Same Big Toe Nail After 5 Braces

Big Toe Nail With Brace Applied

This is the same big toenail with the 5th nail brace applied. This can take from 6-9 months depending on how curved the nail is. After the last brace is applied you can wait until the brace has grown out with the nail or until the brace falls off to finish the treatment.

I can’t believe how quick the pain in my toe was relieved from it being lifted. I have been able to apply nail polish and do my normal activities. I am very happy with the brace

Shauna O Sullivan

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