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K-Laser Therapy uses photobiomodulation to reduce swelling, remove verruca, improve circulation, get rid of pain from acute and chronic injuries. It really has so many uses. Give us a call to find out more.

Lisa, Clinical Director.

Lisa Cullina owner Footwise Podiatry Clinic Galway - Chiropody & Reflexology
K Laser Photo of machine - improves healing, and can treat toenail infections.

Free K-Laser Verruca Advice

Send us an email of your suspected verruca and we will give you free advice on what you can do!

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Verrucas...
Say Hello to K-Laser Therapy...

Tired of dealing with your contagious and painful verruca?

K-Laser’s High Energy Tip eliminates verruca by activating an immune response and burning the verruca tissue (pain free)… It’s innovative, safe and efective.

Currently K-Laser shows a 90% success rate

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You hide your feet away because the verruca makes you feel embarrassed?
  • You’re worried that the verruca may be highly contagious?
  • You tried pharmacy treatments with no success?
  • Wasting your time each day messing around with dressings?
  • Some treatments have left you with blisters?
You are not alone. Millions of people suffer with verrucas on their feet. An unhealthy foot is the last thing you want.

What is a Verruca?

Verrucas are a virus also known as HPV. It can be caught from other people, usually on wet surfaces in changing rooms but they may take months or years to pop up on your feet. Pharmacy treatments usually don't work because they aren't strong enough. We often see patients in Footwise Podiatry who are concerned about their verruca and the fact that it's contagious which they have already tried to treat themselves or by even going to their GP. Most people are tired of not getting to the bottom of it as it's annoying, embarrassing and sometimes painful.

Here at Footwise Podiatry we offer the latest methods in treating verruca's including Ireland's Only K-Laser in a Podiatry Practice. There is no pain, bleeding or thick bandages when we use the laser to zap the verruca away! We are delighted to have this state of the art technology.

K-Laser Treatment Protocol

Comprehensive Initial Assessement

  • Get an accurate diagnosis from one of our Foot Specialists
  •  Education on WHY you have a verruca and WHAT is stopping it from going away
  • We will talk through all of your treatment options and let you decide what works best for you
  •  Develop an action plan to get your verruca sorted once and for all
Image of K Laser machine - ideal for helping with Plantar Fasciitis
K Laser Therapy on sole of foot at our clinic

The Treatment

Our highly skilled Podiatrists will go through the whole treatment process with you.

Initially we file away some hard skin that lays over the verruca and we get to work. As seen in the picture to the Left the laser machine zaps at the verruca. Is it sore? Maybe a little, but when you tell us it’s sore, we stop!

We zap away as much of the verruca as possible and because it’s a high intensity laser, you barely feel it!


Our Happy Clients

K-Laser In Action