Breaking In Your Insoles/Orthotics

Your Insoles/Orthotics may initially feel slightly strange due to the realignment of the foot, and redistribution of pressure and will therefore require a gentle breaking in period. You should initially only wear your insoles for 1 hour and gradually build up the wear time over 2 – 3 weeks. After this they should be able to be worn all day. Sometimes with a lot of correction it can take longer. You can wear them until your feet start to feel tired or uncomfortable then remove them and you can increase your time from there.

Do not wear your insoles/orthotics…

  • For any sporting activities until you are comfortable wearing them all day.
  • If they create sore, red abrasion areas on your feet (You need to check your feet daily),
  • If your feet are still painful after the 2 – 3 week breaking in period.
  • Arrange an appointment with your podiatrist if any of the above happen as they may require adjustments.

To achieve the best result from your insoles/orthotics they need to be worn on a daily basis inside suitable footwear. Your practitioner will see you back in one month for another assessment and to check how you are getting on with them.

Suitable footwear will be…..

  • Low healed
  • supportive
  • Lace up or Velcro fastening
  • Trainer style or similar work well.

Shoes that are slightly wider fitting and have a removable inlay will allow more depth for fitting the insoles/orthotics. Sometimes a shoe one size bigger is required, your practitioner will let you know before the insoles/orthotics are ordered.

Care for your insoles/orthotics

Your insoles should be cleaned using a damp cloth and left to air dry (Not on a radiator). If the insoles become excessively wet, i.e after being out in the rain or after sporting activities, they should be removed form the shoe, patted dry and allowed to air dry (Not on the radiator)

Always remove the insoles from your footwear after sporting activities to allow them to dry, Avoid contact with direct heat or chemicals as this may cause the insoles to lose their shape.

If insoles are damaged


Make an appointment with your podiatrist. Remember to always bring your insoles/orthotics to your appointment with your podiatrist, even if they are worn out and no longer fit.