Nail Reconstruction

Undo nail damage and get back to feeling like you!

Your nails can become discoloured, misshaping, or stop growing due to fungal or damage to the nail root. This can cause you to feel conscious about your toes and many people cover them up which becomes difficult in the summer. The process of nail reconstruction ensures you get your nails back in tip-top condition by correcting the shape while treating any fungal infection that might be present.

How it works

Pedisafe is an aesthetic nail reconstruction and remodelling system. It contains powerful anti fungal and antimicrobial agents. Used for enhancing damaged nails due to malformation, fungus or ingrown. It can be used as a simple preventative overlay even when there is no fungal infection present. You are guaranteed to have beautiful toes for 8 weeks.

Extreme Reconstruction: A unique service of rebuilding missing nails due to injury or fungal infection.

Nail realignment: Pedisafe can modify nail shapes and give them a more aesthetic appearance. The straightening of natural nails can be achieved with repeated treatments.

Prosthetic Nail: Pedisafe can be used on those that have no existing toenail. Tailor made to fit you the nail can be removed and reapplied as needed.