Instructions For Foot Files & Balms

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Instructions for foot files an balms

Simplyfeet Foot File

Use the Simply Feet Foot File to reduce any callus or dry rough skin. Be careful not to use it in one area too long as it can get hot, break down healthy skin or cause an abrasion. The inner curve of the foot file is rougher and to be used on the heels, the outer part is for the ball of the foot. After use, clean the file with cool soapy water and pat dry.
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Foot Balm

All foot balms are best used after using the Simply Feet Foot File. Balms and salves work best at night time as this allows it to soak in better. The balms/salves will make your feet slippy as they are slow to soak in. It is recommended to wear clean socks (cotton is best) over your feet after application to prevent you from slipping.
Do Not Apply Cream In Between Your Toes!!!
This can cause the delicate skin to break down and cause it to split and bleed.