Custom Insoles

Custom insoles are insoles prescribed especially for you to manage biomechanics issues in your feet. There are many insoles available in general shops and pharmacies that serve a variety of different functions. Most will fail to offer the correct fit or the necessary support for you, it can take you buying a number of them to find the one that works best.

In rare occasions, the wearing of incorrect insoles may cause further damage to the feet, or cause another problem to arise in the knees, hips or back.

Why get insoles instead of an orthotic?

Orthotics are custom made to the shape of your foot and are usually prescribed for moderate to severe biomechanics issues.

Custom Insoles are for minor to moderate biomechanics issues. They are inserts that will fit most shoes and are prescribed specifically for your needs only.

The majority of these insoles are heat mouldable, so they will feel as if they are tailored to your feet. They are also more cost-friendly, so your pocket is as happy as your feet!