What to Expect After Acupuncture

It is not uncommon for you to feel sleepy after treatment. This is a good sign and shows that you will probably respond well to acupuncture, but if you are not sleepy this does not mean that you won’t respond well.

  • You may be a little stiffer or sore after treatment, but it should reduce after a day or two. Let your podiatrist know at the next session so treatment can be adjusted.
  • You may see no immediate response. This can be disappointing to you but does not mean that you won’t respond. It usually takes 4 to 5 weekly treatments to see a response from acupuncture. About 20% of people do not respond too acupuncture.
  • You may see an improvement up to three days after treatment. What we are trying to treat might then return before your next treatment, but this is fine. After each subsequent treatment the effects should last for longer, so that you may eventually not need more treatments for some time.
  • If stretches or strengthening exercises are advised from your podiatrist, doing these in between each treatment will increase your healing time and reduce the amount of acupuncture needed.