Nail Bracing

Ingrown Toenail Treatment with BS Braces

Are you looking for ingrown or involuted (curly) toenail treatment that doesn’t require surgery or local anaesthetic?

What is nail bracing?

Nail bracing is a gentle and effective alternative to nail surgery for painful ingrown or curved toenails. The braces are glued or stuck onto the toenail and internal forces within the brace reposition the nail.

What is nail bracing recommended for?

-Ingrown toenails

-Involuted nail/curved nails

-Deformed nails

-Significant skin build up next to the nail from nail pressure

The B/S Brace System is a revolutionary corrective technique for extremely curved nails that:

  • Alleviates pain and discomfort associated with curved and involuted and ingrown toenails.
  • Helps Eliminate or reduce excessive pressure at the lateral nail edges.
  • Helps correct and flatten the curvature of the nail.
  • Is simple, fast and painless…involves NO surgery and NO downtime.
  • Is almost invisible, and polish can be applied on top of the nail.
  • Produces noticeable, pain-relieving results in just days!

How does nail bracing work?

The brace elevates and corrects the nail shape to decrease pressure on the underlying and adjacent skin. This results in reduced toenail. As the nail grows it accepts this new position, shape, strength and pressure. A retainer brace helps to maintain this position.

How long does it take to feel and see results?

Your Podiatrist can immediately help to reduce pain associated with an ingrown toenail or involuted toenail with proper trimming to alleviate pressure on the adjacent skin. Often improved nail shape or nail edge lifting is noticed in the first 4 weeks. Treatment duration should be 6 to 12 months given total nail replacement takes 12 to 18 months

How Long Do Results Last?

Results can be long term provided the cause of the nail curling or involution is addressed. If the causes of the change in nail shape are not addressed e.g. tight shoes, a series of nail braces may be required every couple of years.