Diving Deeper into Heel Pain

Feet at side of pool - diving deeper into heel pain

It’s so important to be aware of how much your feet do for you – they are the workhorses of your body and bare much of the brunt of day-to-day life. They’re quite happy to do it, usually! That’s why your footwear should be a top priority. I’ve seen some particularly bad heel pain brought about by Achilles insertional tendonitis and non-insertional Achilles tendon injury. Basically, inflammation and degeneration at the point where the Achilles tendon joins the heel bone or further up. These injuries are more common in older runners, so it’s vital to make sure your running shoes are in top-notch condition and you take the time to stay on top of aches before they creep into deeper pains over time.

Don’t suffer heel pain in silence

It would be a mistake to think that heel pain is an accumulation of injury over time to the point it causes you serious discomfort, but children ranging from 5 – 15 can often be impacted, too. We always picture them as nimble on their feet and resilient to the falls and tumbles they frequently take, but they can be affected by Severs disease (aka calcaneal apophysitis as it is not actually a disease). This condition is caused when the heel bone is pulled away by overly tight muscles before the bones are properly fused. The good news is that this condition can be avoided by catching it early and putting a stretching plan in place.

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